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Mason Moon enters elementary school



Child actor, Mason Moon has finally entered elementary school!

Mason Moon’s mother updated her person Twitter on the 3rd of March, with a photo of Mason Moon wearing his backpack proudly at his elementary school.

She added, “Our Mason is already an elementary student so we went to his entrance ceremony.”

Mason Moon grew in popularity with his casting in “Baby and I” with actor Jang Geunsuk in 2008. His big, pretty eyes and adorable smile captured the hearts of many people, thus he was requested to model for many fashion brands.

Lots of fans did not expect him to grow up so fast, and thus were surprised at how much he had grown.

Source: TenAsia

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Anonymous said:
mason why the age of 7 years? its supposed he was 6 years old! because mason was born in 2007 when the mason was born in 2006 then in 2013 he was 7 years old

7 in korean age.


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